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Source code and build scripts for these programs are located in the example/ directory.

This example retrieves the page at each of the most popular domains as measured by Alexa.

This example demonstrates sending and receiving HTTP messages over a TLS connection. Requires OpenSSL to build.

This example implements a very simple HTTP server with some optimizations suitable for calculating benchmarks.

This example implements a very simple HTTP server suitable as a starting point on an embedded device.

This example implements a very simple HTTP server using synchronous interfaces and using one thread per connection:

Establish a WebSocket connection over an encrypted TLS connection, send a message and receive the reply. Requires OpenSSL to build.

This program implements a WebSocket echo server using asynchronous interfaces and a configurable number of threads.

Here are all of the example functions and classes presented throughout the documentation, they can be included and used in your program without modification

This program shows how to use Beast's network foundations to build a composable asynchronous initiation function with associated composed operation implementation. This is a complete, runnable version of the example described in the Core Foundations document section.

This code is reused between some of the examples. The header files stand alone can be directly included in your projects.

This is a complete program and framework of classes implementing a general purpose server that users may copy to use as the basis for writing their own servers. It serves both HTTP and WebSocket.